Burmese Refugees - Network is Involved!

Burmese Refugees

The Burmese refugee camps string along the border regions of Northern Thailand and have been there for over 50 years. The tragic events and the lives ruined by the wars inside Burma have led to millions of displaced peoples. Network is doing what it can to be involved in direct aid to the schools set up by Australian groups and also supporting the work of specific individuals and groups ranging from school materials, monies or helping to support businesses in the refugee camps and orphanages.


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Sustainable trade with the refugee camps and the orphanages is being developed from a small stage with the hope that it can be grown. This trade will directly benefit the communities with funds coming in and a direct link into Australia's markets.

How is this being done? We are developing markets for specific products in Australia and hoping to grow these from a practical and competitive demand! This is not charity but benefits both parties! The Burmese families receive a regular income and secondly, the Australian school customers get excellent value and products which are important in their curriculum requirements. Here is the first stage of the product range being promoted.

Network is very happy to apply its business processes and experience in this market to benefit these impoverished people and especially the children! We are particularly interested in seeing children being educated and financially supported by their families. Burma has an exciting future as it frees itself from 60 years' of stagnant dictatorship.

We would love to hear from you and get your comments on what your school is requiring and what could be supplied from these trades. The major areas of competitive advantage are in fabrics, sewing, and craft items and products. The areas being considered are quilt kits, Back to School stationery items such as pencil bags and shoulder bags for notebooks  and so on.


I look forward to hearing from you.

Rob Watts

Email: rob@kbs.com.au

Burmese Refugees


Back to School Items for 2014

Pencil Bags and iPad Holder 1

Pencil Bags and iPad Holder 2

Pencil Bags and iPad Holder 3

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