Welcome to our Literacy Section! We have a big commitment to helping you with your literacy requirements from K-12! We work to source the best materials for you and offer incredible discounts to stretch your budgets a long way! Our literacy products cover the classroom, home, and teacher resources. We have print copies, e-books, Powerpoints, and classroom resources to cover everything you require to make a big impact in literacy improvement in your classroom! We know you find something of value for your classroom - happy teaching!


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Take Home Readers

We have a huge range at unbeatable prices with a broad selection of genres and text types from all the major quality educational publishers! We cover levels 1-30 and have 3 types - 20 titles in a Value Pack, 20 titles per pack of specifically named titles - we call the A Pack, and 10 titles per pack we call the B Pack, and every year we change the range based on new releases! We also have multi-level packs for the classrooms with smaller classes.


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Guided Readers

Guided Readers come in small group packs of 8 copies per title. These are leveled again from 1-30 and have Teacher Resource Guides in the form of worksheets which you can use to extend the exercises for the students. These packs and worksheets are suitable for extended classroom work! These come in convenient single level packs with worksheets, multi-level packs for small groups and all at amazing prices which stretch your budget!



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Big Books

Big Books are extremely popular! As part of the whole literacy program - you include a section on story-telling and recall plus ability to listen and recall - are incredibly important skills children are not getting in a digitally saturated environment!



Carol Christensen

Reading LINK

Dr Carol Christensen's methodology has been widely adopted in the teaching of young and older children to be FLUENT readers. The level of fluency is the key in that they are able to read in a structured and fluent process with continuous improvement. This program has been successfully adopted across Australia with remarkable results!



Handwriting LINK

Dr Carol Christensen's newest series treats another aspect of literacy - handwriting. The ability for children to be fluent writers is badly understood with the focus on accuracy rather than fluency! Dr Christensen's methods add another 60% increase in fluency in literacy when added to the classroom process. It is 60% increase in the amount of writing and its accuracy so boosting your literacy outcomes remarkably! It is not just teaching writing precision but expression in writing with fluency!



Pre-Reading, Pre-Writing and Reading Eggs

We also have sections related to Pre-Reading, Pre-Writing, and the full range of Reading Eggs titles produced by the ABC.



Teaching Resources

We have a broad range of titles in the form of print and e-books which could be used in the classroom.


Literacy Lincoln Hard At WorkLiteracy Lincoln Hard At Work

Literacy Lincoln Hard At WorkLiteracy Lincoln Hard At Work



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