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Network Educational Australia has successfully  been supplying schools since 1983 and continues to expand its service and product offerings and range to educational organisations across Australia and internationally.  We would love to talk to you if you are interested in reselling, commission reselling or require a sales representative's position. Our success is based on our people and this means you will need to be self-motivated, experienced and successful in sales and educational book-selling, and finally be able to manage and maintain a list of accounts for your area. The rewards are financial, dealing with a great range of products and very satisfied customers. We look forward to hearing from you - please initially contact the admin and ask for Rob Watts!

**** Available NOW! Sales representative(s) for North Brisbane and Sunshine Coast Region******

General requirements:

a/ educational book-selling experience - 5 + years, suitable for a mature and experienced person from the industry or educational background,

b/ located on northside of Brisbane or Sunshine Coast,

c/ experience in primary and secondary schools - self-motivated, highly organised, understanding of the school curricula and knowledge of the publishing industry.


a/ servicing existing and new accounts for Network Educational Australia - with library resources, HODs with texts and teaching resources, organising back to school and text displays,

b/ making appointments and visiting the schools during school terms and holidays during school holidays.


a/ full or part time to suit lifestyle and income requirements,

b/ standard work and conditions apply - more details upon meeting and interview. 

c/ Further information - please email Rob Watts or phone 07 55680288


**** Available NOW! Commission Agent(s) for exclusive territories in NSW, Victoria, Western Australia,  SA, ACT, NT, Tas, and regional Queensland******


Attention: Agents and Distributors

Network Educational Australia is a dynamic and growing educational supplies company based in South East Queensland since 1983. As part of our continued expansion, we are seeking agents and distributors for your area. We have territories in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth, as well as all the major provincial centres, available for your exclusive usage. Contact us to check if there a territory available near to you! Write to us about your experience and ability to fulfil the requirements.

    * Our product range and offerings are well known to schools throughout Australia
    * We have a fabulous range of exciting materials for teachers and students
    * Our great range extends across all primary and secondary school levels
    * We can certainly look after your requirements and school customers at any stage
    * You will have an exciting and unique range of products and services which can add quickly to your profits whilst providing enriching products to teachers and parents

Network Educational Australia (established 1983) has been supplying secondary and primary schools throughout Australia and New Zealand with library books, text books, audio-visual materials and software plus teaching resources. Network has grown the mail order business, web commerce and direct rep business to a significant size where we are one of Australia's major educational businesses. The business is now at a stage where we are looking to expand our presence with people who want to service their local schools and districts. The level of income you achieve will be directly determined by the number of hours you are prepared to work. The ideal person would be able to work during the school hours and want to have time off during the school holidays. This person would be familiar with the education system and ideally would have had some teaching experience.

The main focus will be to set up displays of our range of teaching resources which covers early childhood (suitable for playgroups, child care centres and preschools), primary and secondary school levels.

The position offers a chance to work from home, choose your own hours and level of income. The position is commission based working for yourself. Commission is 10-30% which can equate to $500-$5000 plus per month income. You will be responsible for your own ABN, tax and super and running costs. We will require references, a person who can present professionally and be able to talk to articulate professionals and who is hard-working and diligent in meeting customer requirements.

For more information please email Rob Watts at or phone 07 5568 0288 (during business hours).

General requirements:

a/ educational book-selling experience - 2-3+ years, suitable for a mature and experienced person from the industry or educational background,

b/ located in the territory,

c/ experience in primary and secondary schools - self-motivated, highly organised, understanding of the school curricula and knowledge of the publishing industry.


a/ servicing existing and new accounts for Network Educational Australia - with library resources, HODs with texts and teaching resources, organising back to school and text displays,

b/ making appointments and visiting the schools during school terms.


a/ commission based on sales and lead generations

b/ general reporting requirements and stock management terms

c/ Further information - please email Rob Watts or phone 07 55680288

 From time to time NEA requires staff in:

(1) seasonal Back to School requirements for picking and packing orders - between November and February!

(2) sales reps for schools - if you are experienced in school sales - please contact - we can talk about a position!

(3) customer service staff - at the moment - there are no vacancies!

(4) data processing/entry staff - at the moment - there are no vacancies!

(5) marketing and information management staff for web, SEO  throughout Australia and internationally.

Please send your CV to and we will keep this on file for when we are considering employment or contract help. NEA has warehousing facilities on the Gold Coast and in Auckland. The major focus is customer support, warehousing and distribution of the titles to the schools. We have a publishing section involved in educational software, book publishing and seminar developments.

If you have any interest in the educational services industries or technical expertise which can be applied, please send an email with attached information CV or outline to

Distributors and Publishers

We distribute titles from Australia's educational publishers and also international publishers. Maybe we have missed your organisation or do not represent it fully! If you want your titles professionally represented and distributed and the titles are suitable for the education market, please send information to Rob Watts - we will consider your request and review your content. We sell all media formats!

Become a Supplier

Tell us about your product. If you are a supplier and think you have something that Network Educational Australia may be interested in, please email us and tell us a bit about your product and company. If we like what we read we will contact you to arrange a meeting! We can licence and manage digital products and promote on our website - to find out more contact  Rob Watts

Commitment to Equal Employment Opportunity

We do not discriminate on age, race, faith or gender. Secondly, we truly believe in the transformational power of the workplace on the socialising, harmonising and self-actualising of a richly experiencing workplace with self-supporting colleagues as friends and mentors. As part of the diversity in the workplace, and to assure customers and regulators that NEA believe in the transformational powers of work on the brain and act as a leading corporate citizen, we are happy to consider individuals that do not always meet the specific criteria for the job application. We cannot solve chronic problems of addiction, illness and impairments but people with social, medical and mental setbacks have benefited in the past from employment with NEA.

We regularly have had the delight of employing casual staff who had not worked beforein their adult life! This sad situation was due to initial impressions causing failing job interviews. The staff at NEA worked together to hire a person who did not meet the criteria but needed a job! Everyone benefited from these job hirings and the simplicity of a decision changes the nature of this world and its seeming complexities. Just through a simple act of kindness and consideration individuals have discovered their strengths and gained self-esteem to go on to gain and give!

NEA/KBS has always acted as a good citizen and has deliberately employed staff from a diverse range of experiences, lifestyle choices, races, cultures and employment experiences. Within the framework of giving someone a 'break in life' NEA's ability and staff offer such unique and continuing involvement. The employee will need to make every effort to perform to the required standard and be conscientious in all duties. Secondly, it is expected that the employee will work within the context of social behaviour of a work place free of harassment, blame and bullying. The employee will be respectful of managers and fellow workers as this is mutually expected. We will not expect any less of any staff or more than what others can perform!


Reading LINK Tutors

Reading LINK is an effective and proven process for achieving fluency in reading. It is remarkable to continually witness children reading for the first time and the absolute transformation that you have achieved in their life!

We are always searching for the tutor who will make a difference and can teach to the required standard.

Selection criteria is based on the following essentials - native speakers of English, police clearance for working with children, and experience with teaching or tutoring!

Reading LINK info can be found on the website The current activity has been with teachers in schools. Reading LINK is being used with over 60,000 students in schools throughout Australia. It has also now been used in literacy programs for adults in library outreach programs. The focus up to now has been to promote and train teachers. It is the only approved efficacy (research-based) program for literacy available (worldwide) - i.e. it is based on scientific research and has research to support the methodology. The main work was at The University of Queensland. The author, Dr Carol Christensen spends most of her limited time in schools training teachers in literacy. The program has been adopted for most of Tasmania's schools as an aid in the lifting of literacy levels across the state! It is used extensively by Speech Pathologists, tutors and teachers across Australia. The program can be used in a variety of lesson formats - single one-to-one, small groups or classes. Internationally, it is used by various groups and licensed to qualified groups to teach reading and literacy - it has been used to teach English to ESL and TEFL students! You can use with your own children once you understand the process by reading the teacher's manual!

The success of the program is following the methodology and the consistent effort of the students. It is an intensive process and requires 15 minutes of intensive memory testing and checking. The rest of the period can be spent in related activities and reinforcement. There are 4 workbooks and a term could be allowed per workbook or more or less depending upon progress. A term's effort is required to get fluency and competency in any of the workbooks. The student is initially tested and slotted to the correct level.

Training the tutor - this takes approximately 4-5 hours and usually is understood and followed. The key is maintaining the methodology and no short cuts. The training sessions will be in a central location hopefully which is convenient for you to attend.

We advertised for tutors so we can link existing parents who have phoned querying the program with trained tutors for that area. We will promote and advertise you as a certified Reading LINK teacher which will allow you to obtain a series of students. You will supply a workbook and flash cards to the students - these will be charged as per the pricing on the web.

In summary regarding the business process:
a/ workbooks and flash cards are bought and paid for by the students - the students need to pay for these upfront as with any type of course. This money is collected by KBS as part of the student sign up! We will be supplying these books.
b/ Training is free currently but this may change, and part of the preparation for the teaching of this program.
c/ We will advertise for students and direct these to you for tutoring as the queries come to us.
d/ Revenues - you will get 70% of tutoring fees!
e/ You will be an accredited Reading LINK teacher and we will advertise accordingly. If you decide to leave and teach it yourself then you cannot advertise as a Reading LINK teacher without our authority and agreement to use our workbooks.

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