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Digital Rights Management from Network Educational Australia

Librarians are under strict to manage their digital lists in regard to the specific licensing. Every publisher will offer different licenses based on users, time and borrowing rights. Network via KBS, and in conjunction with security industry consultants, has developed a system for distribution and administration of your electronic files which will allow worldwide distribution and administration from your desktop in a similar way to any other monograph loan.

This unique and patented digital library administration system for your e-books allow secure distribution without loss to publishers. The treatment is based on any software usage model which you the publisher regard as fair with the user getting the benefit of cost savings from the increased paying users so everyone can benefit with cheaper usage prices and more development revenues to the publisher. The security matches the requirements with a unique patented security process to make all files unique and hinder hackers in distributing a 'crack' for the file so that all files are subsequently copiable and unlicensed. See figure 1 below for how the process works! As soon as a file is hacked then the encryption key will identify the registration and can be closed as a pirated file and the hackers have to start again with a new combination of encrypted files and arrangements - hardly worth the glory?

Download the Authentik DRM PowerPoint Slideshow
Download the Authentik DRM PowerPoint Slideshow

The library administration system allows – the loan of an e-book based on number of users, length of time of usage and also of times it is to be viewed. You can select the attributes which suit your library’s needs. So in these cases prices can be set which meet the budget of the library.

A digital e-book is borrowed for a week by 5 users which is the license from the publisher. The sixth user has to await the return of the e-book before being allowed to use! After 5 days the file expires and is no longer accessible! At this stage without any input the web server updates the information and allows borrowers as this is now available.

Finally, the edition can be changed for all users so that a new edition can be issued with amendments or changes and all current users are updated with the new edition automatically.

The examples below are free for you to download and test the product distribution model. You will set the variables in the attributes and note the properties of the e-book downloaded. This will allow you total freedom with accountability for your library card holders!

Network (and KBS) are able to modify your existing library circulation to include your e-books site for your library cardholders!

To set up your own e-book library distribution usually requires a once off set-up fee of less than AUD$1,990 per library. If managed by our web services - the price per loan issue for e-book circulation starts at less than USD$0.90! We will quote on the task before beginning so you know exactly what you need to budget for this service.

For these prices you can immediately turn on your e-book library circulation and save a lot of money and time in the secure loaning of e-texts and e-books! The control and monitoring is served to you via a control panel with subsequent user reporting and licensing for audits via CAL and the individual publishers if needed.

Please test the products below and contact us with your specific requirements - we can have your library service online with secure e-texts up and running within one week of placing your service order!

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Test using your own PDF file and see how it can be viewed:

Technical Information

Authentik runs and is controlled similar to a financial payments gateway. It controls usage and identification of the user as well as authentication.

DRM - Technical Information





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