Two Ground-breaking titles now released! Reconciliation and Family & Communities

Margaret Watts' new title  Family and Communities  


Indigenous Family & Community Teacher Guide: Secondary Edition      Indigenous Reconciliation Teacher Guide: Secondary Edition

A comprehensive treatment of the topic with totally new information and case studies - ideal for class study and further investigation. This resource can be used in an electronic form with numerous links to primary source information or in print form with many class tasks and investigations. 

Family and Communities aspect of Aboriginal studies is important but generally overlooked. The dispossession from the land was compounded by the inhumane treatment of extended families and kin by forced removal and relocation. This totally ruined a sophisticated and extensive support network of kin and family resulting in destroyed and sad existence for many aboriginal peoples.

Reconciliation -  Margaret's second title as she noted was exhaustive - emotionally and mentally! Dealing with the history of Aboriginal treatment since the English colonisation is a terrible chapter which is still not fully appreciated or understood by the general population. The title is comprehensive in following the primary source for students to research and secondly, provides tasks to explore the issues related to the colonisation of Australia and the impact upon the Aboriginal nations and peoples.  This is comprehensive and will provide as much source material to treat this topic at a secondary level.  

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