The occasional negative comment related to preparation of students for tests is unfounded. Test preparation has to be excluded from content knowledge. Some students are better able to cope with exam pressure so they perform at a higher level. NAPLAN™ preparation helps as it gives students the opportunity to review the test procedures and prepare for the process. General education and skill levels will be part of the normal classroom whilst test preparation always gives test skills which extend beyond NAPLAN™. We have selected titles for the 2012 NAPLAN™ round of exams - we feel these will benefit students at all levels.

NAPLAN™ is the National Assessment Program in Literacy And Numeracy. It consists of tests in Literacy and Numeracy for years 3, 5, 7 and 9. These publications are not officially endorsed publications of the NAPLAN™ program and are produced independent of the Australian Government. Trademark for NAPLAN™ is owned by the Australian Government.


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